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"The Paths Taken" 

A Collection of Prose and Poetry

This book is 183 pages of short-short stories and poems about life's journeys written by an eclectic group of 15 senior citizens who attended a writing class together.  Truth and fiction, humor and sorrow, nostalgia, love, appreciation of nature, and much more from the minds of those that have experienced many paths in their collective lifetimes.

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"What Happened to Joe French" 

a novella and a puzzle

Author: Seiko141

Joe French was a private in the Army who went AWOL and became a master impersonator, manipulator, and thief.  He recounts his story of truth, fiction, lost love, larceny, delusion, and deception as he sits in his jail cell. 

Hidden throughout the book are 33 clues about the current location of Joe French.  The first person who solves the puzzle will receive a prize from the author.


Print book available for purchase at

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